Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to open .djvu files under linux

Under linux, you can open djvu file by web browser . Bust you need install plug in.

First you need download library and source code from;

Second you need do :

./configure - -prefix=$path where you want to install$


make install

Third open Konqueror, select "Settings->Configure Konqueror" and check "Plugins". If you can't see $prefix path$/lib/netscape/plugins, you need type new and add this file in.
Then you can type scan for new plugins. After that ,you type "Plugins", you will see the file $/lib/netscape/plugins/ there..

If you want to use Opera, you can do:
cd /home/username/.opera
vi pluginpath.ini
After open "pluginpath.ini", you can add "$$/lib/netscape/plugins/" to that file.
Work very nicely.

Ok, congratulation, you can see djvu by konqueror now....

More information, you can get from:
(This is very useful)
(This website is very bad I think..Because you can't find how to install the plugins to web browsers)

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