Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vision odometry

It's also interesting because it uses optical flow to get the trace of robot...
It's also new in vision field..

Hopefully I can use it in the next step work.

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Holonomic Brain Theroy

It's surprising me..also very interesting....!!!!
If it's true,,,Then we store information in the wave frequency type in our brain..The brain cells are different just because they are just stimuli by the certain frequency. The information was transform from space-time to frequency field.
For example, in vision work, the information of the object is holograph image on the front of eyes. But after project by our eye lens , it becomes 2D image on our retina .But the image is not saved directly in the brain, before it is restored , it will be transformed again to holograph.. The brain save this holograph of the object in the certain field ..

If it's true, it will be easy understood that some guys can feel other guys' feeling or can communicated with each other by special wave or other things like that;

But some guys think it's Pseudoscience .not theroy.because there are no enough evidence to support that..

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to copy and manage other computer by shell on linux?

If you want to use your computer to do program work under other computer , you can do :

ssl -l yourUserName otherComputer'sIP

If you want copy one file to other computer by internet, you can:

scp fileNameWhichYouWantToCopy userName@otherComputer'sIP:/home/YOURDirectory

I learn it from a beautiful PhD girl....^_^

Monday, July 14, 2008

How to tar file quickly?


tar -cvf mystuff.tar mystuff/
tar -czvf mystuff.tgz mystuff/


tar -xvf mystuff.tar
tar -xzvf mystuff.tgz


tar -tvf mystuff.tar
tar -tzvf mystuff.tgz

-c, –create create a new archive
-z, –gzip, –ungzip filter the archive through gzip
-v, –verbose verbosely list files processed
-f, –file=ARCHIVE use archive file or device ARCHIVE

-t, –list list the contents of an archive

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

learn doxygen to document my code

Irene is really very nice girl who work very hard..

She works with me..I am very happy that I can learn so much from her as she graduated from computer science...

She know much program skill that I need.


I learn how to use doxygen to document my code .
That will make my program more beautiful and easy to understand.

As I use suse Linux , it has installed doxygen, so I don't need to install it again.

Just do:

1,comment you file.
If this file is .cpp or .h, you need add /*! \file  "file's name"*/ to this headfile or source code file. If you don't do that ,you can't document it;
if you want to document some variable, you just need add /*!<"some comment"*/ after this variable.
you can use /def + macro name to document the definition of macro.
you can use /param or@param + [in/out]+"parameter's name" to document the function's document;
As in my head file, I will do this before a function:
//! "short comment about function"
"Detail comment"
@param[in] "parameter comments"
Of course
you can use \fn to document a function, but you need write the function again. If you change function 's name or parameters , you also need remember to change the it's not convenient;

2,build configure file and html file
doxygen -g <your configure file's name which contain many setting informations. you can give a name or nothing.if nothing, then doxygen will build Doxygen file in present directory>

doxygen <configure file name>

then you can see html file in your directory.
open it and use firefox or other web browser to see it...
you will find your code is so beautiful....
I really enjoy it..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rihanna Take A Bow

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to add your own signature if you use ThunderBird under Linux

Today I find you can add signature following this way:

1,use vi or other edit tool to build a empty file
2,write your signature in it and save it in any directory. It should be best to save it in .txt file.
3,open your thunderbird and do edit/Account Settings, you will see add signature file. Then you can add the txt file.
4,when you build a new email, you will see you signature now...