Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holonomic Brain Theroy

It's surprising me..also very interesting....!!!!
If it's true,,,Then we store information in the wave frequency type in our brain..The brain cells are different just because they are just stimuli by the certain frequency. The information was transform from space-time to frequency field.
For example, in vision work, the information of the object is holograph image on the front of eyes. But after project by our eye lens , it becomes 2D image on our retina .But the image is not saved directly in the brain, before it is restored , it will be transformed again to holograph.. The brain save this holograph of the object in the certain field ..

If it's true, it will be easy understood that some guys can feel other guys' feeling or can communicated with each other by special wave or other things like that;

But some guys think it's Pseudoscience .not theroy.because there are no enough evidence to support that..

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