Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Multi-threads program

Before I always think Multi-thread program is difficult and a little bit huge !^_^

Today I realize one simple parallelize program by two threads.Although it did not fulfill my idea,but it do I told it..
That's not so difficult to know what's the multi-thread and write a simple example program..
Yes it's still huge because it want to do more work and fulfill more ideas. But for me or some task ,,we just need one pieces of it..So dont fear any more ..

Fear is because you know nothing about it..Just sit down and concentrate to read books and google. Then you will find it's not so difficult to do it like other guys..

Here is a very nice tutorial about pthreads.

Ps:Under linux c++, you can not define function like void* function(). Maybe you can do it in c language under c compiler. But for c++, GCC or G++ will give you wrong information about the function's parameter. I solved it by define function like void* function(void * p);
Here p is no used but you do need it to compile your program...

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