Monday, November 16, 2009

Convert bib file to bbl file

I have a bibliography database file which was created by kbib. I want to use it on latex. In the tex file, I add

just begin the end of documentation.

When I first compile the file, it told me it can not find reference .bbl file. So I use bibtex to build a .bbl file which can be used in latex.

$ bibtex filename.aux

here .aux was created by first run of latex. It automatically transfer data from bibfile.bib to filename.bbl by filename.aux.

It's great. Because you just need one database, then you can use it forever.

Thanks latex.


Sadeep said...

Thanks for this. I was searching how to overcome an error I was experiencing while running TeXShop on Mac OSX and your post gave me the answer.

Unknown said...

I am new in latex. I am also facing same problem but I could not understand the procedure u have suggested to convert .bib file to .bbl. Please elaborate it. It is requested to send the details to my email: