Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let your folders become secret

Under Linux, maybe some files that you don't want to share with others, so the best way is to encrypt the secret files.
Here I introduce a simple way for Ubuntu or other linux users:
First install CFS:
$ apt-get install cfs

Make a folder where you want to keep secret files.
$ cmkdir Secret
Now input your password (At least 16 characters). You have to remember it.

Attach a folder to show the secret context in "Secret" and might add more files to "Secret":
$ cattach Secret tmp
Now input the mentioned password.

Check the context of folder "Secret":
$ cd /crypt/tmp
$ ls

You will see all files that have been encrypted in "Secret", are now shown in "/crypt/tmp".
Now you can add more files in "/crypt/tmp":
$ cp some.txt /crypt/tmp/

After changing the "/crypt/tmp" folder, you have to encrypt the folder:
§ cdetach tmp

Now the folder "/crypt" become empty. However, you can check the encrypted file is added in "Secret" now.

That's it!

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