Friday, April 13, 2012

Latex souce code of my presentation for the PhD defense

I thought it might be useful for someone who wants to use the latex for their presentations. In my case, I have used the latex graphical package TIKZ/PGF a lot. This package is very powerful and handy for drawing nice pictures, e.g., mind maps, arrows, coordinates, math plot, node chains.
Here I would like to publish my source code and share some magics (-:. You can download my thesis, presentation and its source code by clicking following links:

Guoliang Liu. "Bayes Filters with Improved Measurements For Visual Object Tracking", PhD Dissertation, University of Goettingen, Mar 2012. (PDF, PPT, LATEX CODE )


swarnalatha said...

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shuai said...

Thanks! It helps during my preparation of my defense.

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