Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to change the resolution under Debian system

Now i have a new computer which has debian system ,a kind of Linux system but has some different aspects with suse and red hat.
The nice thing is I have right to do everything on the computer, not like just a user.
Original screen resolution is 1024*768, but I get a better Lcd screen which need 1280*1024 to show image .

First I google many method to do it.
Second I want to know which Gcard I am using .
lspci to see the pci card.

Also you can check module which your system load :


go to /etc/X11,and find xorg.conf. here you can set the x server system ,such as mouse ,monitor,screen etc..

If you want to see what's wrong when the system is doing by this xorg.conf, you can go to

to see what happen ..

if you just want to check error and warning things , you can add
egrep '^\(EE\)|\(WW\)' /var/log/Xorg.0.log

In fact , I install the wrong driver for my graphic card
I reconfigure the x server.. and choose nv instead of vesa..

Now I can get higher resolution, but I can't use the mouse. I copy old file's mouse setting to new xorg.conf. So it works..Although I get some warning information in my log file ..

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