Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to resize opencv image window

AS I need transfer the image to client computer by vnc, so bigger size image will be very slow. So I need resize it. But when you want to resize the window, you need make sure define the window like:


Then you also can resize the window manually.

But if you want window fit the image size automatically then you should :


Then you are not allowed to resize it anymore. So be careful here.


金名木水 said...

Hi, nice to read about your article regarding openCV resizing the window.

I would like to ask you a question: have you faced this kind of problem in OpenCV, where the function of cvCalcGlobalOrientation always return zero value in linux?

I ask this because I am compiling one of the samples of openCV codes, known as "motempl.c", the angle computed is always zero (the result of cvCalcGlobalOrientation function), but it works fine in window visual studio.

Can you give me some advice/ hints how to solve this problem? thanks...)

abda abdelfateh said...

thanks for your article
I want to show frames (not in window) but in web interface (php application)
how can I