Thursday, May 5, 2011

UBUNTU 11.04 again can not boot because the NVIDIA driver

Yesterday I update the other computer's system to Ubuntu 11.04. The result was very disappointment.
The system went to die when it rebooted. The reason behind this is the graphic card driver: NVIDIA. I download the new version NVIDIA driver for my computer, and try to reinstall the driver.
There is the other problem show up : it can't find the header file of linux kernel.
Then I use the --kernel-source-path to tell the program where the headers are.
The other problem turn out: the "nvidia.ko" can not be loaded because the kernel version doesn't match. The kernel version can be found out by command "uname -al".
The corresponding kernel header which is ending with "pae" which I don't have. Then I use aptitude to install this header and compile the nvidia driver again. Now it works.


fyrul said...

i had the same problem
what is the step to solve that?


Claire said...

I am having the same problem. When I run live cd, everything seems to be working but when I install, the computer fails to reboot and get a black sceen terminal type.
Please, could you post step by step what to do?

GuoLiang Liu said...

Check your Xorg file and to see if the problem comes from the NVIDIA driver. If yes, then download the new driver from NVIDIA website, and install it in the terminal using command "sudo sh DRIVER" where DRIVER is your downloaded NVIDIA driver for your graphic card. If it runs smooth, everything is fine. If you meet the same problem as me, such as the header file is missing, you can follow what my post to solve it.
I wish my answer is clear and can help you to work it out.