Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Open Source SLAM Software

Author Description Link
Kai Arras
The CAS Robot Navigation Toolbox, a Matlab simulation toolbox for robot localization and mapping.

Tim Bailey Matlab simulators for EKF-SLAM, UKF-SLAM,and FastSLAM 1.0 and 2.0.

Mark Paskin Java library with several SLAM variants, including Kalman filter, information filter, and thin junction tree forms. Includes a Matlab interface.

Andrew Davison Scene, a C++ library for map-building and localisation. Facilitates real-time single camera SLAM.

Jos ́ Neira
e Matlab EKF-SLAM simulator that demonstrates joint compatibility branch-and-bound data association.

Dirk H ̈hnel
a C language grid-based version of FastSLAM.

Various Matlab code from the 2002 SLAM summer school.

Table 2: Online Datasets
Author Description Link
Jose Guivant, Juan Nieto Numerous large-scale outdoor datasets, notably and Eduardo Nebot the popular Victoria Park data.

Chieh-Chih Wang Three large-scale outdoor datasets collected by the Navlab11 testbed.

Radish (The Robotics Many and varied indoor datasets, including large-Data Set Repository) area data from the CSU Stanislaus library, the
Intel Research Lab in Seattle, the Edmonton Con-
vention Centre, and more.

IJRR (The International IJRR maintains a webpage for each article, often Journal of Robotics Research containing data and video of results. A good example is a paper by Bosse et al. [3], which has data from Killian Court at MIT.

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