Friday, April 3, 2009

Opencv with Octave

The new opencv SVN version can support octave, BUT not download version.
If you download the source and try to install it which can support octave, you will find it can not find octave.
You need install most new version of octave and swig. For ubuntu , apt-get can find a old version of swig, but that can not support this function.
After install swig and octave.
$./configure --with-swig --with-octave

It will show you it can find octave and swig.
Then do :

Now you will get error like:
"can not find octcvseq.hpp" or "INDEX",etc ..

Now you need find these files from SVN opencv version.
Copy these files to /opencv/interface/swig/octave/
Dont copy all files, just copy what it need, otherwise you will get more errors.

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