Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little bit shock by the New Ubuntu 11.04

Today a new message just show up: the new ubuntu 11.04 comes.
Then I choose update to the new version. I thought everything will be fine.
However, after long time update, the computer restart, but no screen be found.
After I check the log files of system and xserver, finally I figure out the reason is the installed NVIDIA driver doesn't compatible with this new ubuntu.
I download a new version of NVIDIA driver, which is (270.40).
Surprisingly, now it works......
The new desktop of ubuntu looks so simple and a little stupid.
I have to learn how to find the applications and the configure programs, etc..
There are no panel bar anymore, and everything seems be hided.
I don't like this style. I prefer everything can be easily found or seen.
So if you have the same feeling, just go to the "login screen" and select "ubuntu classic" as default session.
I like the classic....

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