Friday, April 29, 2011

One paper accepted in ICRA2011

The paper's detail is as follows:

Guoliang Liu, Florentin Woergoetter, Irene Markelic. " Lane Shape Estimation using Partitioned Particle Filter for Autonomous Driving." IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2011 (Accepted, Oral)(pdf)

The pdf and the source code of this paper are available in my personal site soon:

This paper introduces a novel lane tracking method. The contributions in this paper are three folds:
First, multiple kernel density estimation method is used to infer the lane parameters.
Second, a partitioned particle filter is used for linear-parabolic lane shape estimation.
Third, we combine the partitioned particle filter and the multiple kernel density, and shows its robustness in challenge scenes.

Well, if you would join in ICRA 2011, which will be held in Shanghai of China next month, let's meet together.

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